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Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center

Raising awareness of the Holocaust in the Russian society, studying the lives of the Soviet Jews during the Great Patriotic War

Location Russia, Moscow

Type of activity NGO

Belarus National Library

Main universal scientific library of the Republic of Belarus

Location Belarus, Minsk

Type of activity Library

”Elie Wiesel” National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania

The Institute, directly coordinated by the Romanian Government,  has a crucial role in researching and publishing scientific studies regarding the tragedy of the Jews, promoting the Holocaust victims' remembrance, and supporting the intercultural dialogue through the development of various educational and cultural activities. 

Location Romania, Bucharest

Type of activity Research institution

Belarusian National Historical Museum

One of the country’s most popular museums that contains the largest museum collections in Belarus numbering about 400,000 items

Location Belarus, Minsk

Type of activity Museum

National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide

State museum that preserves the memory of Holodomor victims and unfolds the history of the Ukrainian nation genocide in 1932-1933

Location Ukraine, Kyiv

Type of activity Museum

Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine Museum

One of the largest Ukrainian museums on the history of the Jewish people and the Holocaust, a leading educational centre on the history of Jews in Eastern Europe

Location Ukraine, Dnipro

Type of activity Museum

"Historical Memory of Cities" portal of oral stories

A collection of oral stories and interviews of residents and visitors on the public portal map of oral stories about Russian cities

Location Russia, Moscow

Type of activity Initiative

After silence

We work in the fields of memorial culture, public history and social anthropology to develop a critical understanding of Ukraine's past and present.

Location Ukraine, Lviv

Type of activity NGO