Mogilev Jewish Community

Type of activity NGO

Location Belarus, Mogilev

The community of the Jews of Mogilev and their family members for the development of a national self-organizing community, based on the principles of voluntary participation, equality, legality and humanism.

Main activity:
- holding social events related to Jewish culture, history and traditions;
- creation of the clubs of cultural, historical, creative, sport and recreational orientation and assistance to them in their work;
- cooperation and social partnership with domestic, foreign and international public associations and organizations, government bodies, institutions and organizations, commercial and non-commercial organizations, individual entrepreneurs and citizens, participation in the events and programs they hold in case they are connected with the statutory goals and objectives;
- participation in the activities of our volunteers;
- attraction of gratuitous aid for the implementation of statutory goals and objectives in accordance with the legislation;
- provision of financial and other assistance to socially unprotected and low-income citizens (as a rule, who consider themselves to be a Jewish national minority);
- carrying out charitable events and actions;
- coordination of efforts of members of the community in the study, preservation and development of spiritual and cultural values ​​and traditions, the national identity of the Jewish people;
- other social, cultural and charitable activities in accordance with the statutory goals.