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ANU - Museum of the Jewish People

ANU - Museum of the Jewish People is the largest Jewish museum in the world, telling the complete and ongoing story of the Jewish people.

Location Israel, Tel Aviv

Type of activity Museum

Art Oborona

The mission of our organization is to promote the preservation and revitalization of cultural heritage objects and their integration into the world context, through open dialogue and the creation of partnerships.

Location Ukraine, Kharkiv

Type of activity NGO


The goal is to create a photobank of images of Bessarabia, available for study and use.

Location Moldova, Kishinev

Type of activity Initiative


Creating open online databases on Russian cemeteries in an attempt to contribute to the development of necropolism in Russia

Location Russia, Dmitrov

Type of activity Initiative

Denk.mal Inklusiv

Group of inclusion experts, historians and educators with and without disabilities, who aim to collectively develop new educational strategies and approaches to strengthen inclusion in memory culture

Location Germany, Berlin

Type of activity NGO


Dnipro Initiative consists of the young historians from the city of Dnipro who have developed a digital historical and educational project ”Memory of Victims"

Location Ukraine, Dnipro

Type of activity Initiative

Fondazione Villa Emma - Ragazzi ebrei salvati

The Fondazione Villa Emma was established in 2004 in Nonantola, inspired by the solidarity that, during WW2, led the local community to welcome and rescue 73 Jewish young refugees and their leaders on the run throughout Europe.

Location Italy, Nonantola (MO)

Type of activity Establishment

Promoting the study of the Gulag phenomenon and the Soviet totalitarian, sharing information about the Soviet prison system and exploring its connection with Czechoslovakia and other countries

Location Czech Republic, Prague

Type of activity NGO