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"Territory of Terror" Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes

Memorial museum site built on historical facts and highly sensitive to events and experiences of today. The place for active experience living through history in the present.

Location Ukraine, Lviv

Type of activity Museum

Local charitable foundation "Brest Fortress Development Foundation"

Foundation unites efforts of experts and the public in studying the heritage of Brest and the Brest Fortress

Location Belarus, Brest

Type of activity Fund

Johannes Rau Minsk International Education Centre (IBB Minsk)

Belarusian-German organization with a unique infrastructure pursuing socially useful purposes

Location Belarus, Minsk

Type of activity NGO

Past / Future / Art

Cultural memory platform which implements educational and research projects, as well as a public program of activities in order to involve the general public into working through the past

Location Ukraine, Odesa

Type of activity Initiative

Mogilev Jewish Community

The community of the Jews of Mogilev and their family members for the development of a national self-organizing community, based on the principles of voluntary participation, equality, legality and humanism.

Location Belarus, Mogilev

Type of activity NGO

"Battle for Dniepr" Museum

Monographic memorial museum and documentation centre, scientific and cultural research institution

Location Belarus, Loev

Type of activity Museum

GULAG History Museum

By preserving the historical memory and redefining the past for the sake of the future, the Museum aims to become a public space for presenting, exploring, and discussing the most relevant aspects of the history of mass repression, forced labor and lack of political freedom in the USSR

Location Russia, Moscow

Type of activity Museum

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich)

As one of Europe's premier universities, LMU Munich supports a vibrant and varied research and teaching environment in East European studies

Location Germany, Munich

Type of activity University