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International Centre for Education and Exchange (IBB Dortmund)

Building dialogue, mutual understanding and reconciliation in the Eastern European region for the benefit of an active civil society

Location Germany, Dortmund

Type of activity NGO

European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus (ECLAB)

Informal education in Critical Urban Studies, Contemporary Art and Drama Studies, Contemporary Society, Ethics and Politics, Mass Culture and Mass Media, Public History and Gender Studies

Location Belarus, Minsk

Type of activity Educational institution

Publishing studio "Dear Friend"

Book and film production dedicated to family history

Location Russia, Moscow

Type of activity Other

Leonid Levin History Workshop

Support for former victims and witnesses of the Holocaust and World War Two, preservation and transfer of memory to future generations in the context of a pan-European culture of memory

Location Belarus, Minsk

Type of activity NGO

Speech Synthesis and Recognition Laboratory

Laboratory focuses on the theory of speech recognition and speech synthesis and the development of human-machine systems on the basis of speech communication

Location Belarus, Minsk

Type of activity Other

International Memorial

Studying history of the Soviet repression and dissident movement, preserving memory of the victims of terror, and fighting for human rights in modern Russia

Location Russia, Moscow

Type of activity NGO

"Territory of Terror" Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes

Memorial museum site built on historical facts and highly sensitive to events and experiences of today. The place for active experience living through history in the present.

Location Ukraine, Lviv

Type of activity Museum

Local charitable foundation "Brest Fortress Development Foundation"

Foundation unites efforts of experts and the public in studying the heritage of Brest and the Brest Fortress

Location Belarus, Brest

Type of activity Fund