Inside the front line

Cultural Heritage Documentation Center
Photo source / author: Cultural Heritage Documentation Center

Project objectives

The goal is to create a collection of interviews with residents of Loyew who are the witnesses of the hostilities of the World War II on the territory of the place.

Project description

The project "Inside the Front Line", which is presented within the framework of the temporary exhibition "Partisans. Episodes”, is the result of the field works of the staff of the Museum of the Battle of the Dnieper during 2019-2021.

It contains and presents the memories of ordinary civilians (not partisans or military men) who are the ordinary Loyew's inhabitants who witnessed the war. These are children who survived the war in Loyew, and now, after so much time, they share their memories of the non-peaceful life of peaceful people.

Project outcomes

The results of the project are presented in the framework of the presentation of the research and exhibition photo-documentary project "Partisans. Episodes", as well as on the website of the Museum of the Battle of the Dnieper. 

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