Lost childhood ("Втрачене дитинство")

Lost childhood ("Втрачене дитинство")

Project objectives

Creating an online platform where we visualize 30 oral history interviews with people who have witnessed violence, repression and crimes against humanity in their childhood.  Photos and documents, lectures by researchers, artistic reflections on this complex topic will be accompanied on the platform.

Project description

The project includes the creation of a site with 30 interviews with people who survived Soviet violence as children. Interviews will tell about the post-war deportations from Western Ukraine in the late 1940s and early 1950s. In addition to recording interviews, we conduct lectures with researchers on the topic of repression and childhood.

At the moment, within the framework of the Lost Childhood project, lecturers (historians, museum workers and anthropologists) are conducting zoom lectures. During August and September, you can hear about the children's experience of surviving under the conditions of repression, such as deportations, as well as about adaptation and life in the status of a child of "enemies of the people" on the example of Ukraine and the Czech Republic, about relations with parents who were prisoners in the GULAG camps, and about childhood during World War II and the modern war in Ukraine.

Project outcomes

The materials will form the basis for the creation of an online platform with witness interviews, online lectures and so on.
In addition, the materials will be used in the development of the museum's branch - the Museum of Repressed Childhood in Lviv (Ukraine).

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