Wedding During War

artist Uladzimir Hramovich
Photo source / author: artist Uladzimir Hramovich

Project objectives

To speak in simple language about the difficult topics of everyday military life, thereby to attract people to study their personal history, and not the one written in textbooks.

Project description

Video essay about "Wedding During War", which consists of 3 parts:

  1. traditional wedding
  2. wedding and family against the backdrop of everyday occupation
  3. wedding and family in extreme conditions (ghetto, situation of Ost-arbeiters, partisan camp).

We used over 50 images from personal archives, 7 private stories (both sent to us and found in sources) and a story about each of the topics based on historical sources.

Project outcomes

A video essay on weddings during the war will draw attention to family archives, remind those family members who can be asked about wartime. 

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