Education. War and Memory (Forced Labor 1939-1945)

KARTA Center Foundation
Photo source / author: KARTA Center Foundation

Project objectives

"Education. War and Memory (Forced Labor 1939-1945)" project, based on interviews with eye witnesses, supports and encourages the remembrance of Nazi forced labor in schools, universities, museums and in political education. 

Project description

The online platform brings the interviews to the classrooms and any other workshops. It focuses on several 25-minute biographical short films with accompanying tasks and materials. In addition there are a background film, transcripts and translations, info texts and method tips as well as a timeline and an encyclopedia.

Project outcomes

The online platform combines the clarity of video testimonies with the interactivity of digital media. It supports and encourages historical and medial competences and an active remembrance of the Nazi forced labor and its victims.

The creation, archiving, development and indexing of the interview collection and the online platforms (in Germany, Czech Republic, Russia and Poland) were financed by the “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” Foundation. The project was implemented in partnership with the Freie Universität Berlin, Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS). 

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