Digital History Projects in times of crisis and war


Period August 10–13, 2022

Location Chisinau (Moldova)

International workshop in Chisinau (Moldova) for multipliers in the sphere of historical and civic education from Germany, Poland, Moldova and Ukraine

Discrimination, hatred and violence have reached dramatic proportions in Europe. Russia's war against Ukraine brings immeasurable suffering to many people and threatens security throughout Europe. Differing interpretations of the past play an important role in this war and fuel the conflict, as well as other intra- and inter-state conflicts in Europe today. Contrasting narratives about the history of Nazism and World War II are particularly frequent (e.g. Holocaust denial, collobarotion, participation and role of own’s country). In our seminar we want to discuss these contrasting narratives and discuss approaches for a differentiated history education, especially in the digital sphere. 

In our seminar you will be able to:

  • learn more about contrasting narratives on the Second World War and how to use approaches (e.g. contested histories) in reflecting them in educational work,

  • receive knowledge on new methods and approaches of historical education with focus on the implementation of digital projects and how to make them more sustainable,

  • learn about historical educational work in the different countries and discuss transnational ways of remembering the Second World War with other professionals. 

The workshop will take place from 10-13 August 2022 in Chisinau, Moldova

Language: English 

Who can apply?

Representatives from NGOs, historians, teachers, young professionals, journalists and museum workers from Germany, Poland, Moldova and Ukraine. 

How to apply?

Applications for the workshop will be chosen from an open call. Applicants from Germany, Moldova, Ukraine and Poland can apply and the organiser's team will choose up to 5 people from each country who show the most motivation. If you want to participate, please fill out the form until 30 June 2022.

Terms of participation:

Organisers cover travel costs, accommodation in Chisinau (shared by 2 people), meals and travel insurance, programme costs.

Unforeseeable circumstances: Due to the complicated world situation (War in Ukraine, Covid-19 pandemic, etc.), it is difficult to make long term plans, when it comes to international events. Therefore, we do not exclude the possibility of changing the event to another format. We will communicate all possible changes with you and promise to make everything possible to maintain your safety and health.


Partners of the Digital History Network which is a platform for organizations, projects and initiatives using digital media for analyzing historical events, conducting research, visualizing and representing data related to the past. The partners of the network have developed several projects where they were facilitating dialogue between multipliers of historical educational work with an aim to exchange views on competing narratives of WW2 from different perspectives and how to integrate innovative, digital methods of presenting information in memory culture.

The project is implemented by the International Centre for Education and Exchange (IBB Dortmund) with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with National Association of Young Historians of Moldova, NGO Institute of Social Strategies and Initiatives (Ukraine), and Karta Centre Fund (Poland).


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