Doomed: Jewish children during the Holocaust


Event date August 28, 2021

Start time 16:00

Location Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes "Territory of Terror" (Lviv, Chornovola Avenue, 45G) or online

Any of the genocides shows that members of the target group, which is the victim, are destroyed regardless of the sex and age of its members. Therefore, it is obvious that a significant part of the dead are children. This ruthless algorithm is clearly shown in the events of the Holocaust.

Natalia Ivchik, a historian, candidate of historical sciences, associate professor of political science at Rivne State University for the Humanities, member of the Mnemonic Memory Policy Center, will analyze various storylines in the fate of Jewish children during Nazi occupation of Ukraine in the lecture "Doomed: Jewish Children during the Holocaust." Natalia Ivchik will not only talk about how Jewish children were killed, but also analyze the psychological trauma of those who did not die in the first months of genocide, talk about the survival strategy of children and adolescents - those who had no experience of being in extreme situations and acquired it in ghettos, camps, hiding in forests, daily fighting for the right to live at least one more day.

The lecture will be available on Zoom (Conference ID: 825 2493 1102, access code: 418846).

As part of the "Lost Childhood" project, 9 lecturers (historians, museum workers and anthropologists) will conduct 8 zoom lectures. During August and September, we will tell about the children's experience of surviving repression such as deportations, about adaptation and living as a child of "enemies of the people" on the example of Ukraine and the Czech Republic, about relations with parents who were prisoners in Gulag camps, and about childhood during the World War II and the modern war in Ukraine.

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