Can you go to the square?


Event date July 7

Start time 19:30

Location Online

International Memorial is holding a series of lectures together with the Voznesensky Centre on civil resistance in the USSR. Alexei Makarov, a historian and employee of the Memorial Archive, will talk about dissidents ’demonstrations in Moscow and beyond.

"Can you go to the square?" is a line by bard Alexander Galich, which perfectly illustrates the complexity of the situation with freedom of assembly in Russia before Perestroika. At the lecture we will talk about how people left their kitchen and went to streets to protest, how authorities reacted to this, how the tradition of rallies at the Pushkin monument arose, and who dispersed the neo-Nazis on Pushkin Square in 1982, why the anti-American hippie demonstration was dispersed and how Vasily Aksenov was detained.

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