Jewish Slaves in a ‘Judenfrei’ City The Topography of Jewish Hungarian Forced Labour in Vienna 1944/45
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Project objectives

Many places, documents, circumstances, stories, photos and objects from this for a long time marginalised episode of the Holocaust have still not been explored and are still waiting to be discovered. A goal of this online presentation is – in addition to the intention to snatch this story from the forgotten – also to make these objects, memories and documents visible, to recall the history of forced labour in Vienna.

Project description

The interactive map is the result of a VWI-project funded for two years by the Foundation for Remembrance, Responsibility and Future and was supported in terms of content and organsation by the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe as well. The research project was advised by a small consortium consisting of Haver, Zachor and the Association of Hungarian History Teachers, Budapest.

Project outcomes

- online map identifying sites and showcasing archival material
- regular walks in the city, online tours on the topic
- a follow-up research project "Diverted to Strasshof. Hungarian Jewish Forced Labourers in Vienna and its Vicinity (1944- 1945) funded by the Hungarian National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (NKFIH) and the Austrian FWF. 

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