Online platform "DOC-centre Topography of Memory"
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Project objectives

DOC-centre "Topography of Memory" is an online resource created to perpetuate the memory of civilians in the Gomel region who suffered during the Second World War, to form a culture of memory in the region and the ability to comprehend, study and refract wartime events through human destinies.

Project description

"DOC-centre Topography of Memory "is an online platform consisting of thematic sections: Topography, Special Projects and Memory Base. 

  1. "Topography" section is a map with 17 regional centres of the former Polesie region. The materials of the section are structured by blocks: City Map, Voice of Memory (memories of wartime witnesses), Photo materials, Archives, Publicism.
  2. "Special Projects" section includes blocks: "For Teachers", "Publicism", "Researcher", "Art Projects and Exhibitions", "Library".
  3. "Memory Base" section is a structured database (list of names) about civilians who died and were taken away for forced labor during the Second World War. The functionality of the platform allows any user to add their materials and documents, which, after moderation, are posted in the appropriate section.

Project outcomes

"DOC-centre Topography of Memory ":

  • digital collection of archival documents, photographs, memoirs of wartime witnesses about civilians of the Gomel region who suffered during the Second World War at the hands of Nazi criminals;
  • methodological and educational resource, which contains materials to help teachers, employees of museums and cultural institutions, researchers, journalists;
  • a memory base that allows you to search for civilians killed and stolen for forced labor during the Second World War;
  • a platform for those who are interested in developing a culture of memory of the events of World War II.

The platform content is carried out in partnership with educational institutions of the Gomel region, museums, archives, non-profit organizations.

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