"Historical Memory of Cities" portal of oral stories

"Historical Memory of Cities" portal of oral stories

Type of activity Initiative

Location Russia, Moscow

Nowadays, especially in big cities, residents of one house and one district know little about each other. Sometimes such ignorance leads to conflicts and disputes of various scale - from residents of one house to residents of different cities. However, it is rare that we tell the story of our family to anyone outside of our home.

The project team has developed several strategies to solve such problems:

  1. Awareness raising. A freely accessible databank of stories about cities, places of memory, famous people, personal and family oral history is essential so that people could find texts of other residents related to a particular area of ​​their residence. This will allow to integrate into a new district or city more comfortably, making an unfamiliar place understandable and friendly.
  2. Joint activities of youth and the older generation. When parents talk and young people listen, the mechanism of knowledge transfer is activated. As a result, such a joint reproduction and perception of the city history makes it possible to smooth out the value conflict between the young and the older generations.

  3. Collaborative collection of oral heritage. Throughout the project implementation, a series of collective interviews and events was conducted, which aimed at changing the attitude of residents to the urban space.