Regimes Museum

Regimes Museum

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Локация США, Tustin, CA

Regimes Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization looking to make the world a better place.

The museum's focus—authoritarianism across history and culture—is a dark one. Many lives have been lost or impacted as a result of tyranny and dictatorship. Our mission is to change this. By preserving information, material culture, and oral histories associated with authoritarian societies, we aim to spread awareness about them: how they are created, what it is like to live within them, and how atrocities can not only be committed, but justified, by these societies. We hope to see this pattern come to an end.

Since 2003, the goal of the ever growing and expanding collection is to preserve the cultural, political, social, and personal artifacts and histories of individuals who were witnesses to some of the most notorious and infamous regimes of the 20th century in order to broaden the understanding of the nature of repressive regimes in the various forms, cultures, and nations they existed in. The repression, suffering, and destruction caused by rogue governments are a persistent and repeating phenomenon that can be seen throughout history and in its more modern forms in the 20th and 21st centuries. The permanent display focuses on what life was like for the victims as well as ordinary citizens through personal histories while also concentrating on the political apparatus, its leading figures and personalities, and their pride and joy; the armed forces, which tie the regimes to the wars they fought in.

Our objective, beyond the preservation and displaying of objects and eyewitness accounts, is to become the premier educational institution that provides resources to students, scholars, and the general public while simultaneously helping our local community and honoring and supporting our veterans.