HistoryLab: Memory Projects for Education. Open Call for Online Laboratory for Digital History Projects

Open call

Period September 23–25

Location online

You want to do a virtual tour on the history of the local Jews in your city, but don’t know what technical possibilities there are?

You want to make an online map of memorials for people with disabilities, but do not know how to promote it?

You have a project plan for a digital game for kids on WWII, but you are missing the resources?

You have a project idea for people to understand a historical phenomenon better, but don’t know how to implement it in a digital format?

Then apply to take place in the HistoryLab. We are looking for project ideas and project prototypes that are in the sphere of education of memory culture and are giving possibilities to various social groups. It can be about memoralisation, antisemitism, Holocaust, education about totalitarian regimes, etc.

Single and group projects receive consultation by experts from the era of history and memory culture, media and design, IT and promotion.

What do you need to know?
● The HistoryLab will take place from 23 to 25 September 2022.
● Applications by single persons and teams (up to 4), consisting of historians, teachers, museum employees, NGO representatives, journalists, students, designers and IT experts from Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Moldova can participate.
● Workshops will be translated into English, Ukrainian, Polish and Romanian. Consultation will take place in English (good knowledge of English is necessary - at least one person per team with good knowledge of English).
● During the laboratory you are able to further develop your project idea and create prototypes.

What can you gain?
● You receive input on your idea from experts and specialists in the field of design, programming, project management and PR.
● A jury will select four to five winner projects who will receive financial support (between 2500 and 3500 Euro) to finish their projects. Until December winning teams will work on their ideas and finalize their products which will be published on the website about-history.info.

How to apply?
Applications for the HistoryLab will be chosen from an open call. If you want to participate, please fill out the form until 15th September 2022.

Here some previous winners
Don’t forget Kharkiv
Defenseless victims

Partners of the Digital History Network which is a platform for organizations, projects and initiatives using digital media for analyzing historical events, conducting research, visualizing and representing data related to the past. The partners of the network have developed several projects where they were facilitating dialogue between multipliers of historical educational work with an aim to exchange views on competing narratives of WW2 from different perspectives and how to integrate innovative, digital methods of presenting information in memory culture.

The project is implemented by the International Centre for Education and Exchange (IBB Dortmund) with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office in cooperation with National Association of Young Historians of Moldova, NGO Institute of Social Strategies and Initiatives (Ukraine), and Karta Centre Fund (Poland). 

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us
fabijanic@ibb-do.de (Germany)
wiknau@gmail.com (Ukraine)
sergiu_musteata@yahoo.com (Moldova)
a.kudelka@karta.org.pl (Poland)


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